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This loan calculator will help you determine specific repayment plans according to your loan amount and interest rate in order to get your required monthly payment.

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Estimate your investments’ profitability by calculating your annualized return on investment based on your loss or benefit during a fixed period.

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Steps to follow when developing your real estate projects

  1. Investment Plan

    Learn what is available to you and start your investment plan according to your goals and budget. We will guide you through all the steps to have a clearer vision of your plan and get all the assistance you need.

  2. Reservation

    With a well-defined investment plan, your acquisition project can now start to take shape. Discover the process to reserve your property safely and with peace of mind

  3. Construction Phase

    Be continuously aware of the project’s evolution during the construction phase

  4. Delivery

    Your project may be delivered during the announced agreed period after submitting all the required architects and quality controllers’ certificates

  5. Get to know the right steps

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  1. I Presentation
    Discover all the projects available and spot the one that coincides with your visions and requirements.

    II Counselling & Guidance
    We propose you the ideal formula and property that will suit your investment strategy and better your Return on Investment. Be guided with the best partners and strategies to use for all your future acquisitions.

    III Legal Support
    We engage in offering you a legal accompaniment for any legal structure creation and needs via our partners.

  2. I CRP
    When in an off-plan buying, the preliminary contract of reservation will be delivered to you in order to confirm your project’s purchase and familiarise yourself with the mandatory information included. At this stage, a first deposit of 10% will be asked in the notary’s escrow account to secure your reservation.

    II Letter Of Approval from the Prime Minister Office
    In the event that you invested in a Project Development Scheme or as a foreigner, a letter of approval will be required from the Prime Minister Office giving you the right to buy in Mauritius. Our team will assist you in the elaboration of your folder, legal agreement contracts or the application of property acquisition.

    III Deed of Sales Signature
    The Deed of Sales is the final legal document to sign in order to finalise your acquisition and become officially the owner through all legal agreements stipulated in the contract. Bide your project legally and obtain a financial guarantee by acknowledging and signing the document along with a deposit of 20%.

    IV Variations
    In order to make this project your very own, you may personalise it when possible to your liking by specifying your design or structural preferences.

  3. I Project evolution
    Get regular updates and pictures of your project’s evolution and have a feel of your property development throughout the different phases.

    II Architect certificate
    After the completion of each construction phase, you will be given an architect certificate confirming the project’s quality and evolution.

    III Call of funds
    When buying off-plan, the call of funds relies on a payment calendar according to your project progress. The schedule of payment will be communicated at the DOS signature in order to anticipate your payments.

  4. I Site discovery
    Now that you are a homeowner, admire the beauty of your project with a meticulous site visit and get your inventory and keys.

    II Final documents
    Collect your booklets, guaranties and unite file containing your project development plan.

    III After sales service
    After the delivery of your completed project, one contact point will be given to you for any further assistance or intervention.

  5. Between every great development project resides a well-thought-out strategy. From the investment and target market to the research project design all the way to the marketing and project management, each step is crucial to the well-being of your development projects.


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With idyllic sceneries and its investor friendly environment, Mauritius is proven to be one of the most reliable destination in terms of investment. As a foreigner, one of your prime concern when buying a new property in a foreign country is the security factor. With that in mind, learn more about Mauritius investments schemes, legislation and procedures to invest surely and safely.

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