Apartment and villas for sale in Mauritius

Property Development Scheme (PDS)

A home with tax holidays

Changes in Mauritian legislation open the doors of the country to those who want to buy property. The PDS, Proper Development Scheme, was introduced after the IRS and RES schemes. The scheme is opened to companies incorporated in Mauritius, non-citizens, trusts, foundations, citizens and the Mauritian diaspora.

The Property Development Scheme grants residence for investment of over $500,000 in Mauritius. It is meant to provide luxurious residences with services. It also upholds communities around these residences through social contribution.


A residence with high quality service

Whether it is a penthouse, an apartment or villa, units sold under PDS have attending services and amenities. It means that the hassle free property is very well looked after. Security, household services, solid waste disposal, gardening and maintenance namely are provided to maintain luxurious units. It also means that every resident has access to high-class leisure and commercial facilities designed to enhance the resident units.

The PDS provides for at least 6 high quality residential units on at least 0.4220 hectares. . Every buyer and promoter are exempted from a number of local taxes. The Board of Investment guides every investor or potential investor through that process.

Learn more about this scheme: www.investmauritius.com/schemes/pds.aspx