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Eastern Blue

Eastern Blue

  • Poste lafayette

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  • As from Rs 12,000,000

Get carried away by the sight of deep blue and lush nature

Nestled in the prime location of Poste Lafayette, Eastern Blue offers a breath-taking ocean view. With 24 spacious and luxurious apartments, the property’s environment provides tranquillity with a proximity to historical sites or tail tracks. Eastern Blue is a true haven of peace where you’ll get lost into the calming sounds of the waves and the rustling leaves.


7000 m2 Total land

20 Apartments

4 Penthouses

Beachfront View

Common Pool




Fully Furnished

Club Car


The property occupies an impressive 7000 square meters with 20 apartments and 4 penthouses facing the sea. Each residence includes 2 to 3 rooms and 2 to 3 bathrooms along with special features such as a common central pool, secured quarters or parking areas to enjoy your daily life to the fullest.

Floor Plans - Apartments - Block A/B Ground Floor & First Floor

• Kitchen: 16.3 m2
• Living/ Dining: 16.4 m2
• Master Bedroom: 10.9 m2
• Master Bathroom: 9.1 m2
• Bedroom 1: 12.7 m2
• Bedroom 2: 11.6 m2
• Bathroom: 3.4 m2
• Guest WC: 2.2 m2
• Laundry & Drying yard: 3.5 m2
• Kitchen Terrace: 9 m2
• Covered Terrace: 28.5 m2
• Circulation: 4.8 m2

Total Net Area: 128.4 m2
Total Gross Area: 146.4 m2
(Approx. dimensions)

Floor Plans - Apartments - Block A/B Ground Floor & First Floor

Penthouses - Block A/B Second Floor

• Kitchen: 12.2 m2
• Living/ Dining: 26.5 m2
• Master Bedroom: 14.7 m2
• Master Bathroom: 7.1 m2
• Bedroom 1: 15.9 m2
• Bathroom 1: 5.6 m2
• Bedroom 2: 16.2 m2
• Bathroom 2: 5 m2
• Guest WC: 2.8 m2
• Laundry & Drying yard: 7.3 m2
• Covered Terrace: 36.5 m2
• Circulation: 1.4 m2
Total Net Area: 151.2 m2
Total Gross Area: 226 m2
(Approx. dimensions)

Penthouses - Block A/B Second Floor

Apartments - Block C/E Ground Floor & First Floor

Kitchen: 15.6 m2
Living/ Dining: 16.7 m2
Master Bedroom: 11.3 m2
Master Bathroom: 9.4 m2
Bedroom 1: 13.2 m2
Bedroom 2: 12.5 m2 (EG, CG2, EF1 & CF2 only)
Bathroom: 3.1 m2
Guest WC: 2.1 m2
Laundry & Drying yard: 3.6 m2
Kitchen Terrace: 8.1 m2
Covered Terrace: 26.2 m2
Circulation: 7.6 m2

Total Net Area: 116.9 m2
Total Gross Area: 132.6 m2
(Approx. dimensions)

Apartments - Block C/E Ground Floor & First Floor

Penthouses - Block C/E Second Floor

Kitchen: 13.1 m2
Living/ Dining: 26.9 m2
Master Bedroom: 15.4 m2
Master Bathroom: 7.6 m2
Bedroom 1: 16.4 m2
Bathroom 1: 6.4 m2
Bedroom 2: 12.4 m2
Bathroom 2: 5.2 m2
Guest WC: 3 m2
Laundry & Drying yard: 11.3 m2
Covered Terrace: 36.4 m2
Circulation: 1.5 m2

Total Net Area: 151.2 m2
Total Gross Area: 226 m2
(Approx. dimensions)

Penthouses - Block C/E Second Floor

Apartments - Block D Ground Floor & First Floor

Kitchen: 14.4 m2
Living/ Dining: 28.1 m2
Master Bedroom: 14.5 m2
Master Bathroom: 5.2 m2
Bedroom: 12.9 m2
Bathroom: 4.9 m2
Guest WC: 3.3 m2
Laundry & Drying yard: 7.2 m2
Master Terrace: 17.9 m2
Covered Terrace: 29.7 m2
Circulation: 15.1 m2

Total Net Area: 153.2 m2
Total Gross Area: 172.1 m2
(Approx. dimensions)

Apartments - Block D Ground Floor & First Floor


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