Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Know House Ltd (Know House) for its property development business, under the domain name (website).

Know House respects and cares about its users’ privacy. This specific Privacy Policy issued by Know House includes the collection and procession of available personal information provided by you upon browsing the website such as dates of website visit, language preferences or browser type. The purpose of this data collection is to provide a better understanding of the user preferences. Know House may disclose non-personal information collected to issue a trend’s report on the website general usage.

This Privacy Policy covers solely information collected when browsing the website. No information collected elsewhere is permitted.

By accessing Know House website, you accept the Privacy Policy and allow the usage, collection and disclosure of your personal data.

Usage of information collected

The information collected helps in the personalisation of the browsing experience, answer to specific enquiries or process forms. The personal data collected must always be used for its sole purpose.

Information safety

Although we work on the protection of your personal data, no transmission using the Internet is entirely safe. As such, Know House can’t guarantee the full security of your information when being transmitted by a website, thus any transmission should be at your own risk. Users should take their own precautions to protect personal data from viruses, worms or any harmful content. Upon reception of your personal data, Know House will apply the required security features to avoid any unauthorised access.

Confidentiality and disclosure of information

Know House’s business and employees which have access to your personal data shall legally obliged to respect the privacy of the information collected when user browse their website. There will be no disclosure of personal data unless specifically required by the law or necessary regulations say otherwise.

Access to your data

To access their data, users can contact us directly giving us a proof of identity to proceed to the request. A copy of personal data shall be given to them. Users may request the suppression of their personal data if they do not wish that we keep it on record.

Privacy Policy Updates

This Privacy Policy might know some changes as time goes by. Those modifications shall be updated automatically on the Privacy Policy without any notifications. Users have the entire responsibility to review the Privacy Policy to remain updated about the latest changes.

Privacy Policy