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Premium Visa: Work remotely & enjoy a tropical lifestyle

Why should you opt for a premium visa to Mauritius?

What’s better than enjoying the sound of waves in a heavenly beach scenery while still being committed to your work remotely? As a Covid safe destination, Mauritius has introduced premium visa, valid for a period of one year and renewable, for all those who wish to experience an exotic lifestyle while working remotely in a safe environment. With one of the lowest morbidity rates worldwide and only few cases, the island maintains all the security measures during these uncertain times when other countries are going through second waves of Covid-19. Mauritius has never been more appealing to travellers and it is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone who wants an escape in a peaceful and secure destination.

The premium travel visa has been announced in cabinet on Friday 23 October 2020 and the main objective is to attract visitors for long stays. To obtain the visa, interested visitors has to present documents to confirm their long term stay plan, they should have enough funds as well as a tourist and medical insurance for the whole stay. Those who can apply for this visa are usually tourists, retirees or professionals/investors accompanied by their family, willing to carry out business or work remotely from Mauritius.

To be eligible for the premium visa, the following criteria has to be met:

  • The applicant should not enter the Mauritius labour market.
  • The main place of business and source of income should be outside Mauritius.
  • Documentary evidence showing purpose of visit, accommodation etc. is to be provided to support the application
  • Other basic immigration requirements.


Let’s talk about opportunities!

Amidst travel disruptions caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, the premium visa is no doubt an opportunity to boost the tourism and travel sector in Mauritius. This is the chance for operators in the tourism sector to come up with creative packages to attract maximum visitors. Mauritius is after all the current safe haven for remote working!

The benefits are indeed huge for visitors as well. First and foremost, it is the best way to stay away from the chaotic situation of increasing Covid-19 cases in other countries. The premium visa allows non-citizens to keep their jobs and work remotely while experiencing the tropical lifestyle of Mauritius. And while they are here, why not get indulged in property investment for more luxury?


Property investment

Property investment is taking a new turn in Mauritius with more and more outstanding properties cropping up around the island and let’s not forget those which are close to the beach; the most sought-after by visitors. So why not go for it? Everyone dreams about this kind of home and being in Mauritius on the premium visa represents an advantage to go house hunting for the place of your dreams. Beachfront properties can also be rented by visitors in case they don’t want to go through the process of buying.

As a leading property investment company, Knowhouse is here to help clients find their ideal home which will make them feel like they are on holidays the entire time. With political stability, an investor friendly environment and an attractive tax system, Mauritius is among the best countries for property investment.


The bottom line

With strict Covid-19 measures, Mauritius remains one of the safest countries to reside and invest. The premium visa brings various benefits for visitors who wish to enjoy exotism and luxury while opting for remote working. Such travel experience can bring a lot in terms of opportunities for property investment as well as discovery.