Apartment and villas for sale in Mauritius

Investing in luxury property in Mauritius

What are its benefits?

Situated by the waters of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is renowned for its idyllic landscapes, beautiful lagoons and white sandy beaches. Nevertheless Mauritius is not only ideal for a sunny holiday. It also has important assets that make it a popular destination for investors. Its diversified economy is dynamic and prosperous. The country through various schemes, offer a plethora of opportunities to global investors to share the vision of Mauritius in creating innovative, intelligent and sustainable cities of tomorrow and also residential as well as commercial investment.


Moreover another important point: Tax advantages, attractive point for investors.

And for several years, the Mauritian government has been implementing a policy of opening up property market to Non-Mauritians, expatriates and foreigners. In this way, you can invest in a property on the Island while benefiting from a really attractive tax system.


Furthermore, in Mauritius you can find luxurious properties at attractive prices with various facilities. Another point is that the cost of living in Mauritius is quite low compared to other countries.


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