DLB Construction: Real Estate Construction Company in Mauritius
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With over 25 years of experience, DLB Construction leads the real estate construction sector in Mauritius. Throughout the years, the company started to offer a wider range of services to better accommodate the clients’ needs and wishes. Known for their reliability, high-quality work and full support, DLB Construction is the expert specialist for all your construction projects.

The concrete specialist to help you build the stage for a new chapter of your life

DLB Construction started from scratch as a small contractor 28 years ago, with a vision; be the partner of choice in the real estate construction sector. Today, the company has made a name for itself and has designed and delivered over 500 sea-view villas and apartments in various parts of Mauritius.

DLB Construction has evolved throughout the years and expanded its range of services by opening Know House Co. Ltd. The sister company leads the projects as real estate developer and works in close-knit collaboration with DLB for the creation of top-notch beachfront properties made to last. From construction and civil engineering work to renovation, including finishes and landscaping, DLB offers a comprehensive scope of services and full support for each project.

“What we have accomplished these past years was the result of passion and commitment. We have grown from a team of four to over a hundred professionals of the construction sector. Together, we strive for excellence and take pride in ensuring optimum-quality and timely delivery to our clients. Each of our projects are carefully designed and nurtured by our expertise.” – Denis Le Breton, Managing Director of DLB Construction Co.Ltd