Apartment and villas for sale in Mauritius

Discover Mauritius

Why Mauritius?

Mauritius, an independent state between Asia and Africa, culturally and geographically is a much sought-after destination. The island celebrated its 50 years of independence in 2018 but more than a 200 years of being a focal point in business in the region. Mauritius has it all for those who want to invest and chill.

The climate

Let’s face it, winter is an unknown concept on the paradise island. It is not just the weather that is favourable but also the business climate. With major projects underway, Mauritius has international standards and provides secure investment opportunities. The financial services sector is renowned for its expertise and ability to provide tailor-made services. There is a plethora of schemes that are not only tax-free  but also provided with top-notch advice from specialised agencies.

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Food from all over the world

Every festival, business meeting or just chilling entails good food. It is the place where you can have Thai at lunch and French cuisine for diner in restaurants that can easily make up for private meetings. The food is an adventure in itself with only pleasant surprises making conversations much more pleasing anywhere in Mauritius. It takes years to taste all the island has to offer, a very good reason to make the most of the PDS scheme.

Unique cultural experience

French, Malay, British, Malagasy, Dutch, Indian, Africans, Chinese…Mauritius has had people from all other the world to make a unique identity that is culturally rich. Religious festivals are colourful and open to everyone giving you the opportunity to have a first hand experience of the diversity of the island.