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  Here is the news that South Africa was impatiently waiting for. After a first reopening phase preventing visitors from South Africa from visiting the island, Mauritius is now happy to welcome safely fully vaccinated South African travellers, without them being confined in a designated resort. The news has been announced on Friday 10th of … Read more

Home is where you can fully relax after a hectic day and wash away the stress, but most importantly, it’s where you feel you truly belong. Know House is proud to present to you its brand-new luxury real estate: Riverwalk. The residential property is nestled in the prime of Floreal, in a peaceful neighbourhood that … Read more

You wish to invest in a property development project, but you want to have some knowledge of the process first? Worry no more as this article will give you a peek of the processes behind our property developments! As you might guess, there is a lot going on during the development of a property and … Read more

Just like many things in life, real estate development has known its fair share of myths and misconceptions and some people tend to underestimate or overestimate the subject. When investing in a property, it is totally understandable (and recommendable) to do your own personal research and acquire some basic knowledge. However, in your search, you … Read more

You’re a foreigner wishing to invest in a place you can call yours instead of renting? You’re unsure about taking a home loan and what are the current mortgages rates? It is totally understandable as a foreigner to ask yourself questions as you are investing in a new project and need to know if the … Read more

As much as you are excited about the idea of making money by buying and selling your property, this should not be taken lightly. Whether you are making your début in real estate investment or not, there are some common mistakes you should always steer out from. Being well-informed of the investment process and being … Read more

You have been thinking about investing in property development, but you are unsure of what it consists of? Just like any industry, real estate has its own share of real estate terms used frequently by property developers. Knowing them will make you feel more at ease when discussing the development process. Get ahead by learning … Read more

With 450 units delivered across the island, Know House has put forward its savoir-faire by providing unique new build properties, each showcasing exclusive features and outstanding design. With a team of experts that are always striving to exceed your expectations, we build and deliver long-lasting investment properties that promise a high-quality life. Thanks to our … Read more

We can all agree on the fact that the aesthetic is a big factor on which we rely when buying. However, nowadays, we tend to like things to be as functional as they are good-looking. With this in mind, when choosing your property, you might want to go beyond the aesthetics to evaluate the location … Read more

With its 28 years of experience in the property development sector, Know House has delivered over 450 units across Mauritius. The key to our success is not only the strength of our skilled and diverse team of experts, but also our will to provide unique services for each of our clients. When creating your properties, … Read more